March 2019

Your character is trying to complete an important task, but they are missing something vital. They need to improvise. What are they trying to do? What is missing? What do they adapt to use in the situation? Does their resourcefulness pay off? Responses: Hirk's World by Bill Cox Lost in Technology by Anna Hayes The … Continue reading March 2019

May 2018

May is National Share-a-Story Month! This annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing is intended to bring children and books together, as well as to encourage the formation of parents' and children's book clubs. But everyone has a favorite story or book, regardless of whether they have kids. This month, use your favorite story … Continue reading May 2018

March 2017

The theme this month is SEPARATION. Separation can occur between many things — people, power, countries, causes, the ends of a rope. Is it a happy separation? Is it final? Are the only six degrees that divide us? Whether it is a simple disconnect or a jarring split, see where it can take you.   Responses: Dusty Tap Shoes … Continue reading March 2017