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Lina Abdul-Samad

Hasheemah H. Afaneh 
Hasheemah Afaneh is a Palestinian-American, born in one place and raised in two. Aside from her passion for public health, equality, and social justice, she is a writer, exploring everything from fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She has been published on This Week in Palestine, the Huffington Post, BarakaBits, Warscapes, and the Fair Observer, among others. She runs her own blog and has produced and narrated a podcast, “Um Kulthoom Sang Here”.

John Alexander

Jilly Allison
Jill Allison has written bits in the past − letters to the editor, etc. Thanks to incredible encouragement from class teacher at a writing group, she is ‘trying my hand well past my sell by date’ at 72. She is a granny (Mamoo) was employed by the NHS, worked as a secretary in a shipping firm, married a soldier, etc., etc. Will try writing anything!

Mileva Anastasiadou 
Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist. Her work can be found in many journals, such as the Molotov Cocktail, Maudlin House, Jellyfish Review, Asymmetry Fiction, the Sunlight Press, and others.

C.S. Barnes
C.S. Barnes is a writer and poet based in Worcester, UK. Her debut short story collection, The Women You Were Warned About, was published in 2017. Her debut poetry pamphlet, A Z-hearted Guide to Heartache, was published in 2018. She loves words, tea, and cake – and especially loves anything that involves all three.

Elizabeth Black 
Elizabeth Black is an international artist with a passion for generating dialogue around disquieting issues. Her research concerns such topics as dysfunctional humour, social politics, site, and body, endorsing collaborative and coercive relations within live art, discursive events, and happenings. Her practice covers a range of media between performance, text, sculpture, and photography. Elizabeth’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Denise Bonham

Steph Boulton

Constance Bourg 

Belinda Brady

Sandy Chadwin

Cole Cipriani

Alexandra Cline
Alexandra Cline is a young latinx writer, and an MFA Creative Writing candidate and teaching associate at San Diego State University. Her work appears in the new online magazine Introducing, which is dedicated to publishing the never-before-been-published.

Bill Cox
Bill Cox is from Aberdeen, Scotland, where he resides with his partner and her daughter. He started writing in 2014 after he had to give up his first love, hillwalking, because his knees couldn’t take it anymore. Though he misses the mountain tops, he has found some solace in the written word and its ability to take him to all sorts of interesting places. Bill’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Alyssa Cressotti 
Alyssa Cressotti is a writer and social media maven based out of New York City. Her work has appeared in Alliterati Magazine, Vagabonds, Open Mind Magazine, The New York Bookwoman, and The Abecedary Project. Alyssa’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Carys Crossen

Kelsie Colclough
Kelsie is an undergraduate studying English & Creative Writing at Staffordshire University. She has been published in Femsplain, Platform for Prose, and is runner up in The Sentinel’s Too Write flash fiction competition 2018. She can be found on Twitter @klcolclough.

Antonia Cundy


Dawn DeBraal
Dawn DeBraal lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband, two rat terriers, and a cat. Recently retired, she realized that her love of telling a good story can be written. 

Steve Deneham
Steve Denehan lives in Kildare, Ireland with his wife Eimear and daughter Robin. He has been published in The First Literary Review, Better Than Starbucks, as a “microchapbook” as part of the Origami Poems Project, The Opiate, Sky Island Journal, Poetry Quarterly and many others. His poems are to be published in upcoming issues of Evening Street Review, The Folded Word, Ink In Thirds, Fowl Feathered Review and Third Wednesday. One of his poems was recently shortlisted for the Ireland Poetry Day Competition.

Rory Dwane

Livingston Edwards

Oma Edoja

Ruth Elwood

James Ezra 

Alyson Faye

Grace Fitzgerald

Siobhán Fuller


Sarah Glazz

Jessica Grene

Jack Grover

Talia Hale
Talia Hale is an amateur writer, designer, and dungeon master living in Atlanta, Georgia. When she’s not playing tabletop roleplaying games or wandering around the city, she is usually crying over pictures of dogs on Instagram. Talia’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Tracey Hamilton 
Tracey Hamilton has been writing for over thirty years. She started with children’s books when her Primary 7 teacher encouraged her with her first story about the adventures of a beefburger. She has since written several adult adventure/crime books or novellas – each with some romance – as well as poetry and short stories; with success in all of these. She looks for inspiration in everything around her, especially through her travels to far ends of the world. She lives with her sister and their cat in Ayrshire, where she now teaches youngsters from age five to twelve to unlock their imagination.

Stephanie Harbulak

Jim Harrington
Jim Harrington began writing fiction in 2007 and has agonized over the form ever since. Jim’s “Six Questions For…” blog provides editors and publishers a place to “tell it like it is.”

Anna Hayes

Francis Hayes

Devon Heffer

Marcia Hindson

Courtney Hulbert 

A. Ingram

May Belle Inksmith


Nick Johnson 
Nick Johnson’s work has appeared in a number of publications including: Skive Magazine, Grey Wolf, Third Flatiron Publishing, and the award-winning Crooked Cat Publishing in the United Kingdom. His stories are his attempt to address the sickness known as the human condition. Nick’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Sue Johnson 
Sue Johnson is a poet, short story writer and novelist. Her work is inspired by the natural world, fairy-tales and people-watching. She is a Writing Magazine Creative Writing Tutor and runs her own brand of writing workshops. Follow her on Twitter @SueJohnson9

E.M. Killaley, founder & editor
E.M. Killaley is a Northern Writers’ Awards New Fiction Bursary and Blackwell’s Prize winner, and a graduate of Northumbria University’s MA Creative Writing program. Two of her flash fiction pieces were longlisted for Fish Publishing’s 2013 Flash Fiction Prize. Her creative work has appeared in Papaya Press’ ‘Tender Bodies’, ‘Home’ and ‘What She Knew’ zines, Alliterati, Underground, and We Wrote a Book: An Anthology of Stories. She has worked with literary journals since 2006, spending time as editor and assistant editor at various publications.

Elizabeth Kim

Paul Kindlon
Paul Kindlon is originally from America, but has been living in Moscow, Russia for 24 years. Life adventures: Musician, Stage Actor, Writer, Professor. Fifteen literary publications in America: Ten short stories, five poems and a collection of 230 aphorisms and literary conceits. Regular contributor to ‘Russia-Insider’ website featuring articles on Russian culture, politics and philosophy. Paul’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

AJ Kirby 
AJ Kirby is the author of the novels Small Man Syndrome, Bully, and Paint this Town Red, all of which were released by North East publishers Wild Wolf. His short fiction has been published across the web, and in magazines, anthologies and literary journals, as well as in two collections: The Art of Ventriloquism and Mix Tape. His Twitter handle is @ajkirbyauthor. AJ’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

James Langton

Emma Larkin

Roz Levens


Beth Mangalino

Marcus McKenzie

Kali McMillian

Allison Mitchell

Dominique Mitchell 

Jakki Moore

Traci Mullins

Anna Nazarova-Evans
Anna Nazarova-Evans is a Bristol-based artist. Her art has been published by Salome and Fire y literary magazines. She enjoys painting and drawing in the style of surrealism and magic realism, but sometimes prefers to draw everyday objects. You can find more of her work on Instagram @AnitchkaNE_art and follow her on Twitter @AnitchkaNE. Anna’s artwork is featured in our first zine, Retrospective.

Sylvia Neumann

Barry W. North 
Barry W. North is a seventy-two-year-old retired refrigeration mechanic. He was born and raised in New Orleans and presently lives with his wife, Diane, in Hahnville, Louisiana. Since his retirement in 2007, he has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize, won the A. E. Coppard Prize for Fiction, and was recently named a finalist in the 2014 Lascaux Poetry Awards. He has had three chapbooks published. For more information please visit his website. Barry’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Helen O’Dell

Christopher Oliver
Christopher Oliver is a multi-disciplinary artist. His work includes music on cult label No Pain In Pop, sound produced for Kenzo, Hunter & Colette and art exhibitions across London including featuring in last year’s group show ‘Life, Death Whatever’ at Sutton House. He is based in London. Christopher’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Andrew Openshaw 
Andrew Openshaw is a speculative fiction writer based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. His work can be found (or will soon be found) in Mad Scientist Journal, Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Strange Things Collective, Scarlet Leaf Review, Literally Stories, Corner Bar Magazine, The Dirty Pool, Schlock! Webzine and Palm-Sized Press. An avid reader of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, he’s always keen to connect with other readers and writers on Twitter @moriskarass. Andrew’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.


Syd Peck 
Syd Peck is an avid writer of poetry and short stories, and a competent musician and folksinger. He tries to combine elements of these four activities to produce entertaining word patterns. Many of his poems and stories appear on Poetry Soup, and several of his stories have won competitions in UK and USA. Much of his writing relates to North East England, but the majority is of a broader character. His French poetry translations have been published by Stanford U (Calif). Syd’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Joseph S. Pete
Joseph S. Pete is an award-winning journalist, an Iraq War veteran, an Indiana University graduate, and a frequent guest on Lakeshore Public Radio. He was named the poet laureate of Chicago BaconFest 2016, a feat that Chaucer never accomplished. His literary work and photography have appeared in Synaesthesia Literary Journal, Steep Street Journal, The Grief Diaries, Gravel, Dogzplot, Bull Men’s Fiction, Anti-Heroin Chic, trampset, shufPoetry, Prairie Winds, Work Literary Magazine, Stoneboat, The Tipton Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. He once wrote an author bio that would have put James Boswell to shame, but accidentally deleted it and attached this rubbish instead. Joseph’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Geoffrey Philp 
Born in Jamaica, Geoffrey Philp is the author of the novel, Garvey’s Ghost. His work has been published in the Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories and the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse. A graduate of the University of Miami, Geoffrey teaches English and creative writing at Miami Dade College. You can find Geoffrey on Twitter @GeoffreyPhilp​.

Charles Pisano

Emily Richards 

Belinda Rimmer

Roy Robbins

Marg Roberts

Copper Rose 
Copper Rose perforates the edges of the page while writing unusual stories from the heart of Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in various online journals. You can connect with her at Author Copper Rose.

Megan Russo
Megan Russo graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati. Much of her recent work explores gender, sexuality and the idea of how to define family. When she isn’t waist deep in notebooks or playing with pugs, she works in a small German bakery. Find her on Twitter @Forgewithstyle. Megan’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.


Lauretta Salvini
Lauretta Salvini holds an MSt in Creative Writing from the University of Cambridge. She lives between London and Rome teaching, writing and wearing Tasmanian boots when it rains and silk dresses in the sunshine. Follow her on Instagram @write_read_drive_in_rome

Amy Slack

Steven Storrie

Jesse Thompson

Chloe Timms
Chloe Timms is a writer and freelance social media manager from Kent. When she’s not procrastinating and yearning over the works of other writers, she is working on her first novel, an extract of which was recently shortlisted in the Stylist Fiction Prize 2017. Chloe enjoys the challenge of crafting flash fiction and her piece, ‘The Horologist’s Daughter’, was born from a love of dystopian fiction. In her story, Chloe wanted to explore the darker side of society’s concept of perfection in regard to ageing and womanhood. Chloe’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Emma Timpany 
Emma Timpany was born and grew up near Dunedin, New Zealand. Her previous publications are Over The Dam (Red Squirrel Press: Morpeth, 2015) and The Lost of Syros (Cultured Llama Publishing: Teynham, 2015). She is co-editor of Cornish Short Stories: A Collection of Contemporary Cornish Writing, due to be published in 2018 by The History Press. Her stories have won three awards, including the Society of Authors’ Tom-Gallon Trust Award. They have been shortlisted for other prizes, including the Bristol Short Story Prize 2015, and published in literary journals and anthologies. Emma lives in Cornwall and tweets @CornishShorts. Emma’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.


M. Vigrald

Meghan Louise Wagner

Sophie Watson

Luke Worthington

Yael van der Wouden 
Yael van der Wouden is a writer, editor, and a mixed-bag-diaspora child situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She co-founded Chaos Press, a Dutch feminist publishing house. In her off time she waters plants, walks into rooms to immediately forget why, and reviews books for Platypus Press’ literary guide ‘The Wilds.’ Yael’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Angela Wright
Angie Wright enjoys writing flash fiction and poetry. She is a member of a small local poetry group, and also sometimes attends a local writing workshop. She has had a few short stories read on local radio, and also won a prize in a flash fiction competition. Angie’s work appears in our first zine, Retrospective.

Gillian Wright

Ray Wright

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