by E.M. Killaley

The two brothers stared across the table at one another.

‘Are you sure? Are you certain — because you can’t change your mind once you’ve made this choice.’

The younger shook his head, looking at his hands. He hated how he always did that when he had to say something the other person wouldn’t like. It made him seem weak, he was sure of it; so unsure of his convictions that he had to hide his face. He stood, placing his hands on the table, and gazed down at his brother. ‘I’m sorry, but this is just something I have to do.’

‘But we are stronger united!’ the other answered, rising from his seat as well. He stood at least half a foot taller. ‘We should remain together. Don’t listen to those people’s promises. They will never keep them.’

‘There is so much we can do for others — for ourselves — if we leave.’ He smiled sadly. ‘My daughter is leaving, and we will go with her.’ The elder brother followed him to the exit, and as he passed through it, he paused. ‘If you change your mind, we will be waiting for you.’

‘I will never follow you.’ And together, they closed the door.