by Luke Worthington “Hey, I got an email that my order arrived.” “Name?” the attendant asked disinterestedly. He told her. She typed it in and went back to look. He shifted uncomfortably as he waited. Doubts steamrolled his mind. He considered walking out. He didn’t. María would love it. She had wanted to read this … Continue reading Doubts

The Crown

by Angela Wright The shop bell chimed. The moment I set one tentative foot through the door an obsequious manager swooped down on me. He was elderly, running to fat, and squeezed into a tight suit. I noticed that his neck overhung his collar. He soon assessed me as being too shabby and poor-looking for … Continue reading The Crown

Lost Souls

by Bill Cox “Clean-up on aisle five,” said the soft feminine voice over the tannoy. Jacob made his way slowly round to aisle five: jams, spreads, and sauces, as it turned out. Halfway up the aisle, lying on the polished floor, was a decapitated body. Jacob walked slowly up the aisle, past the marmalades and … Continue reading Lost Souls

Common Sense

by Anna Hayes The shop was the biggest one on the street – an obvious beacon of clean lines, a cold colour scheme, and the name ‘The Common Sense Shop’ in a blocky sans font. The sound of dim but melodious string music gently assaulted my ears as I stepped in from the cold. The … Continue reading Common Sense

Helping Out

by Sue Johnson Emily made herself another cup of tea in the cramped kitchen. She switched on the lights. There had only been three customers in six hours. Two of them had come to collect reserved items, and the other was an old woman in rusty black who had come for her weekly browse. She’d … Continue reading Helping Out

Peter Rabbit

by Meghan Louise Wagner My boyfriend takes a ring out of the glovebox and says, “I’ll get you a real one soon.” It’s still so pretty. It doesn’t fit all the way down my finger, but it sparkles. He yanks my hand in the Home Depot parking lot, and I follow him inside. It smells like … Continue reading Peter Rabbit


by Jessica Grene Niamh’s arms were around me, her body a small ball curved into mine, like she used to be as a baby. She sobbed so that her whole body juddered, and I felt how slight she was, the fragile width of her rib cage. My baby. Only fourteen. It was unreal. I still … Continue reading Niamh

Not Long Now

by May Belle Inksmith I blink my eyes slowly. I rub my eyes and see the ceiling. Same as ever. As I start to wake up, I glance at my calendar. The date today is my birthday, isn't it? I peer around the room. No different today either: one room, one door, a clock, and … Continue reading Not Long Now