by Catherine Scott   The McCarthys lived a quiet family life and kept themselves to themselves. Colleen worked in admin and Mick did ‘something for the government,’ although Colleen was never sure what it was.  Their only daughter, Nula, was extremely bright and held high hopes of attending drama school when she completed her ‘A’ … Continue reading Nula

Eton Mess

by Angela Wright The disaster happened as we were about to have our dessert. I suppose I should have warned the waitress. Uncle Josh in the full flow of a well polished anecdote was a health and safety issue, with his expressive and expansive use of his arms and hands. ‘And you probably won’t believe … Continue reading Eton Mess

Le Mime

by Molly Dowling   I am holding Dad’s hand. We walk through dense crowds in concrete summer heat. Dad walks fast. For every one step he takes, I take three. We’re going to catch the Tube. People up ahead are clumped in a semi-circle. They all face the same way. We squeeze through. As dad … Continue reading Le Mime


by Gwenda Major   The boy sees the policeman’s mouth working angrily, recognises the shapes of “fire” and "stupid.” The mouth is asking questions, revealing metal fillings, a bubble of saliva at one corner. He presses his right index and middle fingers to his ear. “Deaf,” he says. “Deaf.” At the police station they leave him … Continue reading Watching

Lost in Technology

by Anna Hayes   He is instantly noticeable as he ambles along the street, umbrella hooked over his arm, carefully observing his surroundings. The street is an explosion of colour, smells and sounds, with stalls running through the centre of it. She loves sitting outside her favourite cafe, drinking her coffee and watching the world … Continue reading Lost in Technology

Hirk’s World

by Bill Cox   Excerpt from the “Rough Guide to the Human Galaxy”, 2480 AD edition. The third planet of the Wolf 359 system was christened “Hirk’s World” by the people that settled there. It was colonised by members of the Church of the Holy Decalogue, an offshoot of the Christian faith with a strong … Continue reading Hirk’s World


by Jesse Thompson   Ryan sat on the carpet playing with his legos. He liked the world of coloured pieces. He liked to click them together, making order out of the chaos laying jumbled in his lego box. Ryan would show his lego lands to his mother who’d say, ‘That’s my boy’ and ‘Well done, … Continue reading Legoland


by Sue Johnson   My last coin rolled under the silent refrigerator. I looked for something to push underneath. The wooden spatula, blue pen, and the kitchen scissors were too big to fit through the tiny gap. A length of white ribbon was too flimsy. I reached for the giant paperclip that held together the … Continue reading Paperclip


by Dawn DeBraal   Alma opened the door with a little bump of her hip. Things smelled a little musty. She went through the cottage, opening the windows, grabbing the furniture polish and a rag. After vacuuming, the place started to smell better. She and her girlfriends were doing a getaway weekend from their husbands. … Continue reading Uncorked