August 2018

What's the story here? What happened before or after this moment? Is she looking for something? Or just enjoying the moment?   Responses: Looking for God by C.S. Barnes Spacetime Interval by Grace Fitzgerald War of the Worlds by Sue Johnson Burn Bright by Megan Russo Home by Luke Worthington Glittering Night Sky by May Belle Inksmith Possibilities by … Continue reading August 2018

July 2018

Tell your protagonist to stop talking. This month, write a piece with only five words or less of dialogue. But don't just put them in a room alone. Are they communicating with someone else? Are the five words important? Do they regret what they've said, or do the words assuage the situation? Or are the five … Continue reading July 2018

June 2018

Our theme this month is ACCEPTANCE. Write about someone coming to terms with a difficult situation. Or someone seeking understanding from a friend or family member. Or someone who discovers that after revealing a secret, they are loved and valued just the same as before. Responses: Split Ends by Kelsie Colclough Muscle Memory by Traci Mullins Requiem in Orbit by … Continue reading June 2018