A Trip to Germany

by Dawn DeBraal

It’s been four days since Anton called me and told me he was leaving the states for Germany. I’ve not heard from him since. I called his sister, but she was unaware that Anton was leaving the country. Fat lot of help that was. I contacted Edgard, his best friend. Edgard knew that Anton was going to Germany, but not exactly where he was staying. So now I panic. Where is Anton? And how do I find him? I wrestled with myself. Do I call the embassy? Embarrassed to let them know my boyfriend left the country and didn’t give me a forwarding address or contact? How foolish of me. I thought Anton would call me once he got to where he was going, to let me know how to contact him. His cell phone didn’t work out of the country and went right to voice mail. I pictured him dead on a slab in the morgue in a foreign country! Worried, I called my best friend Ericka.

“I can’t find Anton!” I whined. She assured me that Anton was probably safe and sound and that I shouldn’t be worried. She sneezed loudly.

“Are you alright?” I tried to show her some concern even though I was beside myself with worry.

“Oh yes I’m fine, I just have a bad cold.” Erika assured me. She also told me that Anton would probably call me soon, she was certain he would. I felt better having talked to Erika. Strangely enough Anton called me a few moments later. The connection was bad – he’d had trouble finding a phone to let me know he was fine, and that he was staying with a friend. He even gave me a different number to call. My relief was so great. “Thank you for calling me, I was getting so worried! I love you!”

“I love you too!” he said responsively. “Sorry you were worried!” I felt reassured until I heard sneezing in the background.

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