Pumpkin Spice – Friend or Foe?

by Bill Cox

Pumpkin Spice –

Mighty nice,

Seems harmless,

But it is far from charmless.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove,

Like a tasty treasure trove.

But is there a deeper plot

To get us hooked? Food for thought!

Imagine a sinister race,

All the way from outer space,

Whose idea of foul play

Is to unleash a doomsday latte!

And as their plan unfolded,

Our tastes were craftily molded

To the fool’s paradise

That is pumpkin spice!

Once the population had succumbed,

The depths of addiction we had plumbed,

Then the vile aliens had us in a bind.

Was this the end for brave mankind?

Thankfully this cautionary nightmare

Was narrated to make you forswear,

And renounce the allure

Of things you are sure

Are too good to be true.

Pumpkin Spice –

Mighty nice,

Seems delightful.

But in the wrong hands,

It could be frightful!

* Not flash, but it is fun.

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