November 2018

Many apologies for the delay! In the past month I’ve gotten a new job and moved, so it’s been a pretty crazy month! But I am excited for November’s prompt, and I can’t wait to see what everyone does with it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about words this month – not in the least because I know there are many writers out there working hard to crank out 50k words before the 30th. (If you’re participating in NaNo, imagine me waving a little flag of encouragement for you!)

But I’ve also been thinking about interesting words, words that get stuck in our minds – like marginalia; words that come from some strange etymological background, or whose meaning has twisted or changed over time – like fastidious, which can mean a strong attention to detail or cleanliness, but whose root meant something closer to disgust.

So find an interesting word. Find a word that’s funny or strange; find a word that sticks in your mind, that, like an ear worm, won’t leave you alone. Create a flash fiction piece around it, or just be sure to use it somewhere in your response.

Be sure to include in your email what word you chose!

Since we’re late this month, we’ll set a tentative deadline of the 30th. Any later and it might as well be a December response!

Happy writing everyone!


The Rano by Jakki Moore

Blatherskite by Bill Cox

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