by Sue Johnson


Jenna sat on the edge of the flower-patterned armchair, watching her grandmother as she sipped her tea from the pink bone china cup. Her hair was in neat grey waves around her head. She looked like she’d never had a problem in her life. Jenna knew her mother had told her the dreadful news. She was sure she’d been summoned here to Gran’s house to be told she was no longer welcome as a part of the family. Jenna put the plate with the slice of cake she’d been unable to eat on the table beside her but kept hold of the cup for warmth.

Her grandmother put her cup and saucer down. “I was in your situation once.”

Jenna nearly choked on her tea.

“I’ve never told anyone before.”

Jenna looked. Was she imagining it? Were those tears in her grandmother’s eyes?

“That’s why things will be different this time. Your baby will definitely be part of this family.”

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