by Ray Wright


It had barely been light when they sailed, but now the sun was high. The land they had left was just a smudge on the horizon of the Western sea.

The girl allowed herself a moment to look back.

How she regretted that holiday affair. She had known that she would be leaving, but she had enjoyed his puppy dog devotion to her. After spending so long at sea it had been good to have new company. He provided amusement and music for the dance and song in the evenings.

What had been his reward for this devotion and amusement? She had left him without saying good-bye.

She sighed. It would never have worked as they were just too different. But he deserved better than her treatment of him.

“Good-bye, Dong,” she whispered. “We’ll never meet again, but I’ll always remember you.”

She pulled herself together. The sea water played havoc with the skin of her sky blue hands, but there was work to be done. That stilton cheese was not going to look after itself.

The Jumblies were on their way home.


Inspired by Edward Lears’ “The Jumblies” and “The Dong with a Luminous Nose”


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