April 2018

April is National Poetry Month!

You’re thinking, wait, poetry? I thought this was a flash fiction site? But that doesn’t mean we can’t support our fellow writers, regardless of genre!

This month, find a poem. Use it to prompt a flash fiction piece.

You could write about two strangers meeting on a lonely forest road; a woman whose prized bird escapes its cage; two people in a post-apocalyptic world fighting to keep a fire lit; or of a parcel of groceries, forgotten in the sun.

It doesn’t have to exactly follow the events of the poem, as long as it is clearly inspired by it, in tone or some other way. Be sure to include a link to the poem if possible, or the text itself.

I’d recommend looking in recent literary journals − show them your support! Or you can check here, here, here, here, or here.


Impunity by Angela Wright

Moving On by Sue Johnson

Mahu’s Tale by Bill Cox

Regrets by Ray Wright

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