March 2018


What’s the story in this picture? Who is the person, and why are they standing outside on a misty night?

Are they going somewhere in particular, or waiting for something? They’re looking up at a streetlamp (or is something else?) − are they feeling hopeful? Or is there something sinister going on?

Let your imagination wander.


Goodbye by Emma Larkin

Those That Watch Over Me by Bill Cox

Hello, Twinkle by Roz Levens

Evanescence by Elizabeth Kim

Misty Night by Sue Johnson

In Florida, Things Are Not What They Seem by Roy Robbins

Payback Time by Angela Wright

All the Time in the World by Belinda Brady

Night Visions by Francis Hayes

Levels by Charles Pisano

Faith in the Light by Denise Bonham

I’m Just Saying by Jack Grover

Last Greyhound Out of NYC by Cole Cipriani

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