Milk Spilt

by Antonia Cundy


That stupid chit had got another tea stain on the bloody carpet and had once again made a half-assed attempt at getting it out. Her pathetic efforts at cleaning almost always made things worse – this time, the brown splash had been turned into a light brown smudge whose edges blended into the rest of the carpet unnervingly easily. And she had the cheek to ask for her room to be redone – she may as well throw the money into the sewer for the care she’d take of a new carpet. And now where the fuck was she? Probably hanging around that construction site to get some kicks from the filthy, sweat-stained men there who ogled her tits and thought a young girl as pretty as her couldn’t possibly deserve to have such red eyes and wet lashes.

She mixed a bowl of carpet shampoo and started dabbing at the carpet.

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