January 2018

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but as usual my resolution this year will be to write more. So here’s your chance – start with this prompt, or keep going with us all year.

Looking at the photo, write two different responses. Is your character the one pictured, or the one watching the person in the photo? Is he or she an innocent character, or up to no good? Whatever it is, make sure the perspective is different in the two pieces; don’t just write two responses focusing on the same character. They should be able to stand alone, but are welcome to complement each other.


The Other Side of the Glass by Constance Bourg
The Other Side of the Glass, pt. 2, by Constance Bourg

Two Minds: Him by Belinda Brady
Two Minds: Her by Belinda Brady

The Dare by Sue Johnson
The Confession by Sue Johnson

Spilt Milk by Antonia Cundy
Milk Spilt by Antonia Cundy

Maggie’s Tale by Jilly Allison
End Game by Jilly Allison

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