November 2017

As we enter the festive months, and the temperature slowly drops, it’s becoming more and more tempting to just curl up somewhere warm and indulge in comfort food. Last November we wrote about a character who is thankful for a kind of food − now let’s use the food itself as the prompt.

Find a favourite recipe, and write a flash fiction piece inspired by it. Is there a family secret connected to its notation − yours or someone else’s? Does the recipe bring up a memory tied to the food itself? Let your imagination wander − the story needn’t be entirely based in truth.


If you’re curious about how food and writing can come together, check out the Eat This Poem blog, which pairs poetry and recipes like Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘The Bight’ – which muses on the ‘White, crumbling ribs of marl’ – with strawberry pistachio crumble.


Expertise by Amy Slack
Jewish Penicillin by Jessica Grene
Norma’s Chicken Soup by Geoffrey Philp
A Special Kind of Magic by Sue Johnson
Don’t Insult the Cook by Bill Cox


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