Just You and Me

by Belinda Brady


Lily watched her husband Brett in silence. He was not aware she was there, but that’s how she wanted it. She had been watching him since it happened the day before. Watching to see how he was handling the news. Watching to see if he was missing her. Watching to see if she should stay or go. She needed to see that he would be fine on his own.

Lily was confused as she watched her husband prepare a cheese platter rather joyfully, glass of red on the side and soft music in the background. He was not meant to be acting this way, was he? Where were the tears or the screams of disbelief? Where was the grief? He almost seemed happy? Lily heard the doorbell and hung back out of sight as Brett went to answer it. On the other side was Sam, Brett’s co-worker and close friend. Lily was touched – Sam was here to comfort her husband in his time of need. As Lily stuck her head around the corner ever so slightly, she was horrified to see Sam and her supposedly grieving husband in a passionate embrace. As they finally came up for air, Sam asked breathlessly, “Is she gone? Is she really gone?” Lily swore she felt time stop when she heard Brett’s response, “She sure is baby. It’s just you and me.”

The reality hit Lily like a bolt of lightening. She remembered everything. Brett working late, the messages from Sam at all hours, Brett rushing off to help with some last minute project. It all fell into place. Her husband’s affair had been right under her nose this whole time, and she failed to see it. She had been so naïve. She was then hit with another reality – chest pains, collapsing on the kitchen floor, bright fluorescent lights of the emergency room, and then nothing. Now she was here. Lily remembered ignoring her chest pains that morning until the last excruciating one got her. She remembered she was now dead. She had come back to check on her husband before moving on, but now she had unexpectedly witnessed his unfaithfulness first hand. Furious, a little plan began to hatch. She one more job to do.

Lily left Brett and Sam to enjoy their evening together before returning the next morning to view her handy work. She witnessed the display she wanted to see when Brett learned of her death – tears, outbursts, and unbearable grief. But no, he took the news of Sam’s death a lot harder. Seems the poor dear’s brake lines had failed, and she had sailed right off a cliff. Having four brothers had certainly paid off when it came to cars. Lily knew exactly where to cut.

She was there waiting when ghost Sam entered the house. “Am I dead?” Sam asked in a tiny voice. Lily looked at her and smiled wickedly, “You sure are baby. It’s just you and me.”

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