Forgotten Dream

by Sue Johnson


Lara opened the door and fell into someone else’s dream. At least, that’s how it felt. She hurtled through golden cloud towards a seashore that stretched to infinity. Life had seemed like that once. Until the day she married the wrong man and dreams were no longer permitted. Last night, made bold by an extra glass of wine, she’d drifted into sleep and ended up in the place she used to dream about. Here, she could be anything she chose.

A voice that nagged like toothache demanded she return to her old life.

“You can do as you please,” said the gentle breeze that ruffled the wavelets breaking on yellow sand, “but if you leave here you may never come back.”

Lara closed her ears to the nagging voice. She stretched her arms wide to embrace the dream that was now her new reality. She’d never go back. Her new life was here, bathed in eternal light.

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