by Belinda Brady


The music was a dull thud at first. Then it got louder and louder. Ellie felt as though she was coming out of a thick fog as she felt each beat of the music. She slowly started to become aware of the environment around her. Bright fluorescent lights. Girls gossiping. A few even stopped to give her admiring glances on their way out. She realised she was in a bathroom, but where? She stopped to catch a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror and gasped. She was wearing a grey cotton dress that clung to every curve, topped off with a denim jacket. Her hair was up in a messy bun, but it looked fashionably messy. Her make-up was minimal – just smoky eyes done oh-so-right, topped off with big hoop earrings. Ellie was confused. She would never leave the house looking like this. She just did not have the confidence. Besides, since the kids came along she had no idea of the current trends in fashion. It was all about the kids. Yet, here she was looking like something out of a magazine. What on earth was going on? Ellie blinked and made her way to the bathroom door – not quite sure what to expect on the other side.

The dance floor was huge. The music was pumping and lights mixed with smoke machines gave off an eerie glow. People were everywhere – dancing, laughing, and drinking. Ellie realised she was at a club, but where and why? This was so not her scene. Just then, a red haired girl ran up to her and screeched “Ellie!” before enveloping her in a huge hug and handing her a drink simultaneously. “Ellie, I am so glad you finally came! You are going to love it! Come with me, there are some other girls who are keen to meet you!” The red haired girl grabbed her hand and led her through the smoke to a group of smiling girls. This red haired girl looked so familiar to Ellie. Was she from her mothers’ group? Ellie was perplexed – what on earth was going on?

The night passed in a blur – drinking, dancing and laughing until her ribs hurt. Ellie could not remember the last time she had had so much fun. As she awoke in her bed, the haze lifted, only to be replaced by the haze of a slight hangover, it all became clear. Ellie had been sleepwalking. Somehow she had dolled herself up and snuck out of the house to meet up with her red haired friend from her mothers’ group, Rebecca, who had mentioned the night out recently. Her husband had slept through the night, totally unaware. As Ellie rose to attend to her little boy, who was calling out for her, she checked her phone and smiled. She had several messages from her new friends thanking her for a great night. And as she read them, Ellie silently thanked her sleepwalking for finally waking her up.

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