September 2015

Dystopian Summer

Do you remember when school restarted and, groggy and distracted by the sunshine outside, you had to write about what you’d done that summer?  Did you ever wish you had something more interesting to write about than hanging out with friends or going to the cinema?

Now is your chance.

Write a short piece describing something that happened to your protagonist this summer — but place her or him in a different setting than normal life.  Does she live in a dystopian society?  Is he a Viking?  It doesn’t matter if it’s in first or third person point of view, told in past tense or present, as long as it’s an unfamiliar — even if just slightly — setting.  Be sure to be descriptive, and show, don’t tell.

– All responses must be submitted by the 15th
– Submissions can be between 100 and 500 words
– Send your (titled!) submissions to:   palmsizedprompts @

For more info, see the About page.

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