March 2015

Write a fragment of a story about a politician forced to meet with a political rival, without anyone else in the room, in an unlikely location.  The conversation doesn’t have to be about politics, but you can imagine everything said would be political.  Have fun with this! We don’t need any diatribes.

This comes from a prompt in The 4 AM Breakthrough called “One Shit at a Time”:

“Winston Churchill was sitting on the toilet when his manservant told him the leader of the opposition party was in the sitting room.  Churchill said, ‘I can only take one shit at a time.’  This sort of brutality is refreshing to imagine and play with.  The supreme power that Churchill, Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, or Augustus Caesar had gave them the freedom to speak without censorship, even when they were joking.  Lyndon Johnson’s famous quip about some political rival is further evidence of this: … ‘I wouldn’t piss down his throat if his heart was on fire.’  Writers yearn for this kind of completely unrepressed voice.”




Richard Nixon’s Shades by Steven Storrie

The Shortest Presidency by E.M. Killaley

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