The Beginning

I was first introduced to flash fiction five years ago, in my first creative writing class at university. I had been writing for as long as I could remember, but until then, I had always been taught that stories had to be long. In length, it seemed, a story would become whole. Then I was introduced to pieces such as this one by Hemingway.

Flash fiction, even in its smallest form, can tell complex stories—if the writer can convey them. Flash fiction is not an excuse for character descriptions or pieces where nothing happens. It is a challenge to make each word count, to present something as developed as a short story, but in an even shorter space.

Here is your opportunity to challenge yourself.

I know posting writing prompts on the internet isn’t anything new. I want to encourage discussion of the creative responses to the prompt. Much of my development as a writer has come from participating in writing workshops, critiquing the work of others and receiving critiques of my own, and then applying what I’ve learned. By following this form online, I believe we can develop a community of writers endeavoring to improve our work.

And hopefully, this can grow into something more in the future—like a journal.


Keep an eye on this space. On February 1, we begin.

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